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Riot In Rose


Riot In Rose


  • Dusky Pink silk damask.
  • Deep pink satin sides.
  • Red lacquered front leg with SLUT in gold leaf.
  • Back legs both etched with the words: slut, cunt, whore, bitch.
  • The chair back is embroidered with silk cotton and soft metallic threads on a muted pink linen fabric.
  • Hand-built using traditional English upholstery techniques.

Original Riot Chair from HQ exhibition (2013). Built to celebrate the global feminist revolution inspired by Pussy Riot, the Suffragettes and Slut Walk protesters.

History: The first action of the Armchair Destructivists was to throw a chair off the cliffs at Beachy Head. Miss Pokeno rebuilt the shattered chair then exhibited at the Armchair Destructivist show (The Aquarium, 2006). This chair was then used as the pattern for the eight “crooked” Riot Chairs constructed for the HQ show.

Materials: Beechwood frame, coir fibre, mixed animal hair, tacks, twine, staples, springs, calico, satin and silk.

Please contact bird@misspokeno.com to arrange viewing.

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