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Cristina Lina

Potato Cannon

Here Come the Extremists

Anything Can Happen

The World is Teeming

Cristina Lina works with fabric, guttering and drainage systems, clay, washing up gloves, walls, spraypaint, petrol, potatoes and metal, among other things: “Collaborations of any sort are always more fun and probably produce the most interesting work.” Cristina is interested in alternative approaches to teaching and learning. Hobbies include riding her bike and generally fomenting the overthrow of capitalism.

here come the extremists “The words always make Brian Eno’s here come the warm jets start playing in my head. Extremists is obviously a loaded word, so that makes the banner fairly potent and then alongside the potato cannon I guess it all becomes more explicitly explosive.

anything can happen/ the world is teeming is a quote by John Cage. The words emphasise a point that is so obvious it’s kind of easy to forget. But it’s a really exciting point, and i’m all over it.”

See more work: www.cristinalina.com