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Meg Mosley

S.Mutt 2015

Meg Mosley is a semiotics surfer and visual storyteller with funny bones whose work focuses on the impact of contemporary culture on a female sense of self. A graduate of Slade she has created a persona ‘Megastar’ who she describes as ‘selfie-facing’ – a selfie obsessive internet mermaid who lives online, feeds on memes and whose identity is fluid. Megastar has her own selfie app, her selfies have been screened in the National Portrait Gallery and she has collaborated on selfie projects with Selfridges and the Neuroscience department of UCL.

In S.Mutt 2015 the viewer is invited to enter the normally private space of the toilet, sit in an appropriate manner and pose for a selfie. Think of this piece as Mosley’s interactive toilet readymade, a generation Y take on Duchamp’s ‘Urinal’ that he signed and dated
‘R. Mutt 1917’.
Today the toilet selfie is a contemporary phenomenon that transforms this normally private space into a modern day photobooth and domain of narcissistic worship. This act of self- homage is continually interrupted by a barrage of photobombing from Megastar’s inexhaustible supply of selfies. The viewer is encouraged to upload their selfie to the internet flooding social media with the hashtag #facialmatter

See more work: http://www.megmosley.co.uk