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Rebecca Jackson

Tablecloth: Table manners
Books: Field notes for experiments: 1, 6, 9, 10 & 13
Sound piece: Feeding
Photos: Experiments 1-4

Rebecca Jackson is a 3rd year Fine Art: Painting student at Wimbledon College of Art, from North East of England. Her practice considers her working class, female dominated upbringing, and questions how social expectations differ in relation to gender and class. She is also interested in queer culture, traditionally female crafts, and mental health issues.

“I have approached this tool for nuisance as a means to develop a sociological experiment: What happens to different groups of people when they lose the ability to adhere to social norms? I have been considering the strange social expectations of the dinner party by inviting people from different spheres of my life to attempt to eat a meal whilst tied together into a tablecloth/bib. The results differ depending upon the food eaten, setting, and character of the subjects taking part.”

See more more work: www.rebeccajacksonart.wordpress.com