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The Art of Nuisance

The season of nuisance and mischief making is gathering momentum at the Sisters’ HQ and we are putting a call out across London town and the outer edges of this ragged empire to all feminist activists and artists to propose happenings/performances/workshops/any practical advice on getting organised and getting shit done! On October 8th we will open with the exhibition of the five resident artists at Doyce Street and then for fifteen days we will¬†have a series of events in the gallery space that inspire and facilitate feminist troublemaking of the joyous and subversive kind. The Art of Nuisance season will culminate with a wild and wilful Feminist Fiesta on the night of 23rd of October.

We already have some great women lined up to do workshops and if you want to share your creative, practical advice on any sort of nuisance making or do a one off evening event at HQ then email us at bird@misspokeno.com with your ideas. The dates for the Art of Nuisance season are 8th October to 23rd of October.

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