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The Short Sharp Season of Troublemaking

Sisters of Perpetual Resistance Ironing

The Art Of Nuisance is a 15 day season of workshops and beautiful troublemaking to celebrate feminist activism.

Subverting the patronising claim by politicians of the time that the militant suffragettes were merely “making a nuisance of themselves” we are dedicating two weeks to art, activism and agitation by women.

Over the summer five emerging artists have each been given ten days, studio space and resources to experiment and create an Instrument of Nuisance which will be exhibited on the 8th of October- beginning the Art of Nuisance season. The following 15 days will be filled with events curated collectively between artists, activists and the Sisters of Perpetual Resistance. From workshops, to film nights and soup salons to inter-generational Feminist arm-wrestling, expect intelligent and joyous gin-fuelled mayhem of the highest quality the back streets of London can provide.

8th-23rd October 2015

1 Doyce Street


For more info or to join the mailing list email: bird@misspokeno.com

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