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Lies, Hacks and Videotapes

Peng! Collective are coming from Berlin for Art of Nuisance workshop.

Gloria Spindle and Susan Powers are from Peng! Collective (www.pen.gg) a group of activists and artists from Berlin who have confused the world with many stunts like a “surveil your friends and family” drone produced by Google, a feminist bot army fighting sexist Twitter trolls, and the surprise news that an energy company is switching entirely to renewables.

Drawing from the artworld, theatre, traditional campaigning and hacking, they create spectacular utopias and dystopias to critique the world order. At the Art of Nuisance Gloria and Susan will run a workshop “Lies, Hacks, and Videotapes” presenting their work, with behind the scenes info, and sharing some skills on how to develop credible characters, alibis and tricky research methods useful for both activist stunts and everyday life.

Thursday 22nd October


Tickets £5

FREE to students and the unwaged

Booking essential bird@misspokeno.com

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