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Riot Shields For Sale

jimmy cauty smiley riot shield SRS

The Blairites have turned on Corbyn, Farage has gone to ground, Cameron has resigned and the prefects in bad frocks have taken the keys to the asylum . Boris …chief idiot …has walked free with his clown suit in tact….all hail England Bloody England in this summer of 2016.
In London town the sweet smell of disco in the sewers has been replaced by the rotting stench of lies and deception.
I heard someone say this might be the closest thing to a revolution we ever get.
No one knows just quite how things will turn out.
Perhaps there will be an aftermath inhabited by three thousand tiny policemen.
Meanwhile the Sisters have been in the workshop stitching up banners to march on Westminster and Mr Cauty has been hard at work in the basement making a new edition of riot shields – classic yellow ones like the ones that sold out at Dismaland last summer. He had to do some really dirty dealing with duplicitous bastards to get these ones so they are priced accordingly.
Theres only fifty in this edition. Who knows if there’ll be anymore.
You never know how things will turn out.

Shields available from the shop on Monday 18th July 9:23AM.


SRS Z from jimmy cauty on Vimeo.

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