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Miss Pokeno and the Sisters at the Tate

Miss Pokeno at Tate Modern

Bring us your sexist slurs and words of shame to burn! Join Miss Pokeno at her table ‘Too Ugly For Words’ at the Tate Modern as part of Stance Podcast’s Tate Exchange.

Friday 23rd February
Blavatnik Building, Level 5
London SE1 9TG
6 – 10 PM

“In 2013, I started burning all the sexist words I’d ever been called into an old oak library table. The ones that made me feel ugly.Then in the spirit of 1970s feminist consciousness raising, I invited other women to come sit at the table drink tea or gin tell their stories and burn their words too. I’m almost out of space but the women with their words still keep coming. It started out private then it got political and now it’s gone public.”

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