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Jimmy Cauty Gold Glitter SRS 18


Jimmy Cauty Gold Glitter SRS 18



  • Open Edition
  • Appropriated police riot shield
  • Made with Extra Chunky glitter flakes
  • Hand glittered and signed by the artist
  • All shields are battle scarred ex UK police issue
  • Gold Glitter Flakes on CrystalGel on Polycarbonate
  • Signed with a certificate of authenticity
  • 67cm diametre

NOTE 1: Glittering police riot shields is not an exact science, the glitter may vary in thickness from shield to shield, all shields have passed DSM quality control.

NOTE 2: It is not an offence to own a Jimmy Cauty work of art but it may be an offence use the art work in a riot.

NOTE 3: These Glitter shields are not just for Xmas. They are for life. They are completely environmentally unsound… A toxic mix of polycarbonates micro plastic glitter and resins. So if you don’t take them with you to your grave then you have to dispose of them in a responsible way. When you figure that one out please let us know.

NOTE 4: This is a made to order item. Allow seven days from order for dispatch.

Shields team.


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