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Jimmy Cauty Gold Glitter SRS 18

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Jimmy Cauty Gold Glitter SRS 18

Limited Stock. POA contact bird@misspokeno.com for details.

  • Open Edition
  • Appropriated police riot shield
  • Made with Extra Chunky glitter flakes
  • Hand glittered and signed by the artist
  • All shields are battle scarred ex UK police issue
  • Gold Glitter Flakes on CrystalGel on Polycarbonate
  • Signed with a certificate of authenticity
  • 67cm diametre

NOTE 1: Glittering police riot shields is not an exact science, the glitter may vary in thickness from shield to shield, all shields have passed DSM quality control.

NOTE 2: It is not an offence to own a Jimmy Cauty work of art but it may be an offence use the art work in a riot.

NOTE 3: These Glitter shields are not just for Xmas. They are for life. They are completely environmentally unsound… A toxic mix of polycarbonates micro plastic glitter and resins. So if you don’t take them with you to your grave then you have to dispose of them in a responsible way. When you figure that one out please let us know.

NOTE 4: This is a made to order item. Allow seven days from order for dispatch.

Shields team.


Due to additional Brexit red tape it is no longer possible to export smiley riot shields from the UK to the EU.

 We ship to all other Parts of the world.

To make a complaint please contact: boris.johnson.mp@parliament.uk


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