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Jimmy Cauty Riot Shield – SRS 17


Jimmy Cauty Riot Shield – SRS 17



  • Open edition
  • Appropriated police riot shield
  • All shields are battle scarred ex UK police issue
  • Battle scars may include impact cracks, protester blood, sweat and tears and police constable residue
  • Acrylic and Emulsion on Polycarbonate
  • Signed and numbered on the back
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity issued from the artist’s workshop
  • 67cm diametre

In an effort to reduce the price of s****y riot shields and because the supply chain of used riot shields is erratic at best, we have decided to do away with limited editions altogether, from now on all shields will be from an open edition, meaning there is no upper limit to the amount of shields in the edition. They will still be signed and numbered but when you are charging down Whitehall with the other 2000 s****y riot shield owners no one will know or even give a fuck what edition number your shield is.

NOTE 1: It is not an offence to own a Jimmy Cauty work of art but it may be an offence use the art work in a riot.

NOTE 2: It is an offence to use the word SMILEY as it is copyrighted by The Smiley Company and any past, present or future use of the word has not, is not and will never be condoned or encouraged by Cauty and associates.


Due to additional Brexit red tape it is no longer possible to export smiley riot shields from the UK to the EU.

 We ship to all other Parts of the world.

To make a complaint please contact: boris.johnson.mp@parliament.uk


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