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The Triumphant Return of the Sisters

The Sisters have been gone so long I think they forgot which way was home.

Exhausted from chair making and troublemaking they declared in early spring they were going underground and for a long time nothing at all was heard from them.  Then in high summer vague rumours of their whereabouts began to circulate and finally late last week a postcard hit the doormat.
This image of a building which appears to be  somewhere in France.  On the back is written in magenta ink – ‘Don’t ever ask us to do a beauty makeover – be home October’

So to celebrate the triumphant return of the Sisters of Perpetual Resistance  on the afternoon of 11th October at HQ in London we are holding a feminist fiesta.
It will be a joyous celebration of irreverent women and protest that disturbs the peace and we will have stalls and performances and fly high burnt bunting and there will be drinking of gin and drinking of tea and all round good times and bad behaviour. More information as things unfold.

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