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Sisters Scheme Over A Hot Summer (Non) Residency

The Sisters of Perpetual Resistance (Non)Residency Summer Scheme


The Sisters of Perpetual Resistance are an elusive group of militant feminists whose aim it is to promote joyous nuisance-making and peaceful resistance to the bullshit of a patriarchal society. Intelligent disruption and humorous dissent are at the heart of their practice.

For summer 2015 they are creating a short (non)residency scheme for four emerging feminist artists.



The Sisters of Perpetual Resistance are looking for feminist artists/makers of trouble/art activists to create a new Instrument of Nuisance. To enable this the Sisters will provide a space and resources, support and/or collaboration.


Brief description of (Non)residency

As part of the (Non) residency four artists will have access at different times to the shared artist studio in London SE1 for ten days each in the period between June and August. The artists will also be provided with £500 each to cover the cost of materials and expenses.


Outcome of (non)residency

The outcome will be the production of an Instrument of Nuisance suitable for use by The Sisters of Perpetual Resistance to further their aims. Finished work will be showcased online on the Miss Pokeno website and shown in a group exhibition at the end of the residency.

The specific form of the outcome is open to interpretation by the artist but must be suitable for online and physical display. Suggested outcomes include a one-off piece of work, an object, film, digital work, sound art, or performance piece. If possible the finished piece could be reproduced as a whole or in part as multiples for sale to support the artists and ensure the residency can be ongoing.

For more information or to apply for the residency please email bird@misspokeno.com

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