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Braid Bar Sunday Salon

Join Krissi Boakye and the Braid Box for a Sunday afternoon of braiding and talking feminist shit! Sunday 18th October!

“Watching the news and taking note from the fashion world feminism or being feminist is the buzz word of the moment. But to be honest I am slightly confused! I am a Black British Female and within the mist of trying to hustle and flow in London, I find myself swimming in the confusion of the mainstream feminist dialogue that doesn’t resonate with me. I’m newish to this feminism stuff, I explored feminism while at uni and went to the wayside.

Cultural appropriation of hair and a bit of body image, then we got some feminist stuff to talk about. We got the @braidbox doing the braids and teaching us how to braid”


Sunday 18th October

3pm – 6pm

1 Doyce Street


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