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At least it wasn’t fleas

Miss Pokeno Fuel for the Fires New Zealand

Here’s Fuel for the Fires …28 red rags on a washing line…a small scale intervention I did down on some old farmer’s land in New Zealand when I was out wandering the world on the poetry hunting expedition. Filmed it on my iPhone while dodging

hives of honey bees
but at least it wasn’t
in the high PYRENEES.

You may have heard that Art of NUISANCE was turned down by the Arts Council for funding. Well fuck them..they wouldn’t know a good art movement if it bit them on the arse. They are the seal of true dullness and the Sisters spit on their corporate chequebook. Government approved arts bollocks bullshit!
The Sisters of Perpetual RESISTANCE will not be thwarted by the lack of roubles in their coffers.
They will turn all that is thin and mean and commonly ignored into something of wondrous glory…
Summer is coming to London town and theres the sweet smell of disco wafting up through the drains.

So lets turn up the volume
And make this a year to remember.


FUEL FOR THE FIRES from Armchair destructivists on Vimeo.

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