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(Non) Resident Troublemakers Descend on HQ

We have at last chosen the five (Non) resident artists to come down to the studio over summer to make their instruments of nuisance. Thanks to everyone who sent work in.

Fari Bradley the sound artist newly returned from Arabia is starting it all off recording and distorting the rumblings of dissent as they rise up from the Sisters HQ.

Fari will be followed by superstar troublemaker Sarah Maple with her irreverently humorous take on all things.

Next we’ll welcome Rebecca Jackson whose practice subverts traditionally feminine crafts sometimes making and destroying textiles and at other times creating disturbing public interventions with small objects.

Hot on her heels Cristina Lina will turn the volume up for the Sisters. Cristina describes her work as bright, gaudy, humorous and large scale but she has moved her work into new territory of late. All we know is that she will create a situation where anything can happen.

And then late in August we will welcome magnificent Miss Meg Mosley, who says of her practice ” it is centered on celebrations that go into overdrive” and popular pleasures that are ignored by more academic art farts.

Its going to be a wild summer down at Doyce Street SE1!


Image by Cristina Lina.

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