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Glitter Shields

To fund Jimmy Cautys next project New Bedford Rising, the eighth wonder of the miniature world, the Sisters of Perpetual Resistance have managed to extract a small number of Smiley Riot Shields from his secret cache and will sell them between now and Christmas.

Due to the high number of people interested we are limiting sales to one per person.

These shields are all old stock and from the artists own archive.

Most are either APs or prototypes.

All are signed and come with a certificate of authenticity.
Gold Glitter shields APs 67cm x 2 available
Gold Glitter shields APs 60cm x 4 available

Gold Glitter on CrystalGel on Polycarbonate

Note: glittering police riot shields is not an exact science, the glitter may vary in thickness from shield to shield, all shields have passed DSM quality control.

Ready for immediate dispatch.

Available to buy in the Miss Pokeno Shop.

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