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3 Streets Away: New Work from the Old World

There comes a time when every woman needs to pick up her life and shake all the crap out of it just like you do with your toaster once a year.

So that’s what I’m doing.

It will be interesting to see what remains when so much is gone.

The Sisters of Perpetual Resistance have become so disgusted by the lameness of the liberal feminist movement which has become suffocated by endless bickering about identity politics and the pathetic ‘wokeness’ of the left they burnt their hoods and left for pastures darker.
I lit a match and blew up another chair to wish them well and light them on their way.
I have no idea if they will ever return.
HQ has been archived and everything else cleared and sent to the underground for storing or decommissioning.

It was fun while it lasted. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Now at the Doyce Street Studios there is one big white room and three new pieces of work that I have slowly and painstakingly constructed over the past eighteen months.

These three pieces I made in response to a piece called Rainy Day Canapé by Dorothea Tanning the American artist that became known as a surrealist. I haven’t named my pieces yet. They are about women and the suffocating nature of domesticity, body dysmorphia and fragments of that which remains invisible.

They are also about beauty and sex and a sisterhood that will carry on long after the crows have eaten the flesh from the carcass of feminism.

Tate Modern, which is a short distance from the studio, are putting on a huge retrospective of Tanning‘s work between the 27th February and 9th of June.

So to celebrate this from 27th of this month I have invited six other contemporary artists into my studio to make work as I have, responding to different aspects of Tanning’s work.

Its a new project called 3StreetsAway.

I have set up a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/3-Streets-Away-469013746965717/

And an instagram page  @3streetsaway

So check them out and follow us if you are interested in what happens next.

On May 1st until May 7th we will collectively show our work at the studio in Doyce Street.

Save the date!



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